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What is a laser maze?

All seen in the films "Mission impossible", "12 " ocean" or in computer games heroes make their way through an intricate web of moving lasers to get to the guarded object. With the new attraction "Laser maze" everyone can feel like one of those heroes in reality! Firm Run-Laser implemented the movement of the laser beams. This gives the player the possibility of more deeply immersed in a realistic atmosphere of the attraction. This complex appeared recently, so You have an excellent opportunity easy to open your business successfully due to the lack of competition.

Hardware laser maze from the company's Run-Laser is easy to place stationary in the entertainment center, or as a mobile option for escort exciting children's parties, birthdays and just collective recreation. Different variants of complete sets of equipment allows to adjust the ride that is necessary for You. Laser maze with moving lasers from Run-Laser - ready business!

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