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Laser Maze

Laser maze Run-Laser is a modern attraction that is gaining popularity all over the world. Usually it is a dark room filled with a network of laser beams. The task of the participant is to pass at a time through a laser maze, without touching a single beam.

Previously the player pays for the game operator or by the system Game Keeper .

In the beginning the player can choose the difficulty level, which determines the number of lasers and their speed of movement.

In the classic version of the ride, the participant clicks the "Start" button, then moving from the entrance of the laser maze to the opposite wall, where he should press the "Finish" button, and then go back to the exit.

the Rays in the attraction are located in such a way that the player will have to use some skill and speed in moving towards the goal. A particular challenge consists of moving lasers, because they require greater attention and strive to catch tarried James bond. However, they create inside the atmosphere of the attraction of these spy movies and make the gameplay more fun.

If the player touches the laser beam, it will immediately hear a beep, backlight laser maze will start blinking, and the screen will display information about the intersection. At the same time the laser will immediately be disabled for security purposes.

After passing the player laser maze at the monitors it shows with his results, which you can place any useful information. The prize the player may receive from the operator, and in the form of tickets.

Updates and functionality:

  1. 2011: The world's First technology analysis intersection of moving beams using the technology of "machine vision". On its basis developed the first laser maze with moving beams "Run-laser"
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  3. 2012: Maintenance and updates is carried out via remote access.
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  5. 2013: visitor Statistics are automatically sent to the e-mail finished reports. Information about each passage is stored in the database.
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  7. 2014: feature "unblock maze" to unrestricted passage within a certain time.
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  9. 2015: a new ergonomic touch. interface settings at all levels of difficulty, the audio, graphic and light maintenance.
  10. 2016: All versions are equipped with 8 buttons for games in the command mode and the mode "Shuttle run". the
  11. 2017: established and implemented the technology of installation of translational parallel-plate actuator. The camera displays the image of the players inside the labyrinth on a touch screen. technology use dynamic RGB backlit buttons with different colors for different teams.
  12. currently implemented 56 projects in Russia, CIS and some EU countries


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