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  • You are the developers of hardware and software, or are reselling?
    We only use native development including unique software algorithms, hardware, technology installation and operation of the attraction, as well as interface design and game mechanics.
  • How long are you in the market? Are there any completed projects?
    Laser mazes we set from the beginning of 2012. At the moment on account of more than a dozen projects. Photo reports from some of them you can see in the gallery.
  • Attraction is safe?
    Absolutely. We use only approved laser modules power up to 5 mW, which is not harmful to the eyes. Besides, at the intersection of the beam immediately extinguished, which eliminates the possibility of injury.
  • Is your technology with moving lasers someone else?
    At the moment we do not know of other hardware vendors working on this technology.
  • What determines the level of difficulty of the game?
    On the number of laser beams, their velocity allotted for level completion time.
  • In what cities, you can set the attraction?
    In all cities of Russia and CIS countries and abroad. Delivery minimum equipment available in the luggage of 2 passengers flight (installers).
  • Who is installing facilities for laser maze?
    We only deal with the equipment. But we can offer the services of our subcontractors who will carry out the construction of the structure in any city in Russia. As a rule, the room consists of materials readily available in any city, namely plasterboard and building profiles. We will advise your builders if necessary.
  • What area is needed for laser labyrinth?
    For the optimal sets of S and M suit any room with a minimum width of 1.8 m and a minimum length of 4.5 meters. Designing partitions, we provide customized for the customer's premises.
  • How does the maze through-beam?
    At the intersection of a ray he goes, published a distinctive sound, flashing LED Backlight and, of course, are awarded penalty points.
  • Where can I install a laser maze?
    This is primarily shopping centers, also can be installed in parks or individual rooms.
  • At what age is calculated attraction?
    Visitors are mostly children from 4 to 16 years. Just maze for adolescents and adults.
  • Who performs the installation? How much time is needed for installation and setup?
    Installation is carried out two of our specialists. Installation time depends on the readiness of the room. Terms of Reference to the room we agree with each customer individually. According to the experience in the installation and debugging takes 2 to 5 days.
  • Is there a system control operator?
    Recently Labyrinth can work even without the operator if used in the shopping center and the Game-Keeper Ticket-machine. Just maze leads its own independent record of all starts, allowing control of the operator. Can mandrel daily reporting to you on your mobile phone as SMS messages.
  • Is it possible to change specifications attraction? How will this affect the price?
    Yes, it is possible. The final grade can be any price in this case will depend on the number of components.
  • If you need to ride with their own scenario, additional equipment, management interface, if you can develop it?
    Yes, we can design a completely individual attraction, there are no restrictions.
  • We always welcome your questions, ask them, you can here.