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Manufacture and installation of laser mazes

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what is this?

Laser maze from run-laser is the new exciting attraction that allows you to take in the sights read more...

why we?

The advantages of the labyrinth with moving lasers from Run-Laser : For the first time in the World realized the movement of the lasers read more...

What you get

currently, on account of more than a dozen projects. Photo reports from some of them you can see in the gallery. read more...

What is a laser maze?

Everybody saw in such movies as "Mission Impossible", "Ocean’s 12" or computer games how characters make their way through an intricate network of movement lasers to get to the protected object. With the new attraction «Laser Maze» everyone can feel like one of those characters in a reality! Run-Laser company is the first and only in the world implemented moving laser beams, which gives the player the opportunity to immerse themselves in the most deeply realistic atmosphere of the attraction. This complex has no analogues in the domestic and foreign market, moreover, it appeared not long ago, so you have a great opportunity to open easily a successful business in the absence of competitors. The equipment of laser maze from Run-Laser company easily places in the entertainment center or as a mobile version for an exciting support children’s parties, birthdays and just collective recreation. Different variants of complete sets of equipment allows to customize a ride that is necessary specially for you. Laser maze with moving lasers from Run-Laser is a ready business!

Complect types

  • Economical option

    From 4344 $

  • Optimal solution

    From 5620 $

  • Advanced version

    From 5840 $

  • Premium option

    From 7960 $

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Button battle

  • Button battle "Rocket"

    From 5380 $

  • Button battle "Table"

    From 2380 $

Interactive climbing wall

  • Equipment from 2380 $

Quiz racks

  • Equipment from 450 $