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Interactive wall

A climbing wall is a very popular and fun form of entertainment. But you can make it even more interesting and attractive to customers with the help of Run-Laser equipment.  The equipment is 8 or more buttons with RGB lining, which can light up at different times with different colors.  The equipment is also equipped with a three-digit digital timer in red, designed to output the number of seconds. The maximum possible number on the timer is 999. There is an audio output for connecting the speakers. It is designed to inform the player about the button press, as well as for other sound effects. To select the game modes in the kit there is a switch in the form of a toggle switch.

The price of the equipment amount from 1 190 $ .

List of components:

  1. Control board, 1 pc.
  2. Buttons 145 mm with RGB LEDs, 8 pcs. (Optional more)
  3. Spare buttons 100 mm with RGB LEDs, 2 pcs
  4. Three-digit digital display, 1 pcs.
  5. "Start" button, 1 pc.
  6. Toggle switch, 1 pcs
  7. Columns 10 W, 1pc
  8. Power Supply
  9. Cables for connecting buttons.